The gear train is first completely disassembled and cleaned.
Units that have already been in service as antenna rotators usually have corrosion due to water getting into the gearbox. The corroded parts are bead blasted and inspected to determine if they are able to be used again.

Rebuilding The High Speed Planetary

On the left is the drive shaft and its parts. On the right is the split carrier and planet gears.
All the parts have been cleaned and treated with corrosion prevention coating and new bearings installed.

Partially assembled High Speed Planetary unit.

Finished High Speed Planetary with Drive Shaft.

Rebuilding The Low Speed Planetary

Disassembled and cleaned Low Speed Planetary unit.

The bearings in the Low Speed Planetary Carrier are special. There are no direct replacements for them. Many units that have been in rotator service will have some corrosion damage in the bearings. In most cases these bearings can be rebuilt by disassembling the bearings and bead blasting and polishing the races and replacing the balls.

Finished unit ready for final assembly.

Gear Train Assembly

The High Speed Planet Gears and Small Bell Gear are packed with waterproof grease, then assembled below.

The Spur Gear and Bearing Journals are packed with waterproof grease.

The Low Speed Planet Bearings are packed with waterproof grease and the assembly is installed on top of the High Speed Planetary.
The Drive Shaft bearings are installed with the retaining nut and split pin.

The Low Speed Planet Gears are packed with grease

The Gear Train is installed in the Front Housing

Low Speed Ring Gear is packed with grease and installed.

Large Bell Gear is packed with grease and installed.

Seal Journal on output shaft is lubricated.

The Housings are assembled and the stainless steel fasteners are equally torqued to provide a uniform seal.

The Housings are masked off to prime and paint the exposed surface of the Ring Gear.

The primer and paint are applied.

The Speed Reducer is almost done.

An additional seal is fabricated between the splined output tube and the Rear Housing to keep water from getting down to the original Housing Seal. This seal is compressed by the Bevel Gear that connects to the splined tube.

The Speed Reducer unit is now finished and ready to be setup for the electric motor and mast connections.