Complete Front Housing at the beginning of the process on left. Bare Housing ready for rebuilding on Right.

The power jacks for the motor are removed so that new wiring can be connected to them. The 3 curved plates that cover the balancing weight sockets are removed.
The bare housing is sandblasted and then primed and painted. The sandblasting is required to remove the oxide on the housing surface that prevents the paint from properly bonding to it.

At this point the housing looks like this:

The ring gear and retaining ring and keys are removed and cleaned and treated with a corrosion prevention coating.
These parts are typical of many in the system that have steel parts in direct contact with aluminum. If they are not isolated from each other they become prime sites for galvanic corrosion if moisture gets to them.

Here are the ring gear, keys and retaining ring removed from the housing for cleaning and coating.

The parts are installed in the housing and the drive shaft bearing is installed and the ring gear is packed with grease.

The Front Housing is now ready for final assembly.