This is a direct bolt on replacement for the stock OR-2800 mast clamp and will significantly improve the mast connection to the rotator. The mast gripping pressure of this clamp may be adjusted by changing the torque applied to the clamping fasteners.

The clamp assembly has a clearance hole in the center to fit over the bolt & bushing that holds the rotator output shaft up to the base plate

The standard available sizes are for 2" Dia and 3" Dia Masts, other sizes can be specially built to order.

The 2" Dia Clamp will fit either of the OR2800 base plates. One of the plates is 6" Dia round the other is a 6" x 8" oval plate.
The 3" Dia clamp will only fit the oval base plate.

2" Dia Mast clamp attached to OR2800 Base Plate

The base plate shown here is one made for a prop pitch.
It does not have the splined bushing that connects to the OR-2800 rotator.
This base plate has threaded holes for the attachment bolts, and the nuts are used to lock the fasteners.
On plates without threaded holes, thread locking compound must be  used on the nuts.

Mast Clamp Pricing:

2" Diameter Clamp - $275

3" Diameter Clamp - $425

Galvanized grade 8 mounting fasteners are included.